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Paul Campbell

Founder, i-propertyreport

“A proven system that delivers high quality reports the same day and gives you the Unique Selling Points to produce high growth and sustainable profits”

Simon Bell

East London based inventory clerk and business owner

“I started my business four years ago with £2.5k savings after being made redundant, with no experience or industry knowledge

 I used i-propertyreport and benefited not only from their Academy training but also from their ongoing business support, marketing and business development. Y1 – turnover was £55,000 Y2 – £120,000, Y3 – £180,000+ and this year will also be record breaking. A massive thanks to Steve and the i-propertyreport team”

Paul Yates

Manchester based Inventory Business

“I have used i-propertyreport since I started my business 2 years ago. The company has grown to the point where I now employ four clerks and I am looking to expand the business in the coming months. Unique, easy-to-use features produce reports in minutes, which puts my business streets ahead of more established companies”

Patricia Stewart-Jones

Central London based Inventory clerk

“What a fantastic invention. i-propertyreport has revolutionised the way I work. As a clerk for over 20 years, I have always produced reports in the old fashioned way with note pad, pen and camera. As a self-confessed technophobe I was apprehensive about using i-propertyreport but need not have worried. The training was straightforward and use is very simple. I would definitely say that if you can use a Smart Phone you can use i-propertyreport”

David & Colette Rasheed

Birmingham based Inventory business

“Before we started using i-propertyreport we often had to turn away business, particularly at the end of the month due to time constraints. We can now complete many more reports in less time, increasing revenue and profits. My favourite feature is the production of reports. Within a couple of minutes of leaving a property, the report has been completed and sent to the client. That feature alone has bought a lot of new business to our door”

Masood Ahmed

North London based Inventory business

“Working and living in a cosmopolitan city like London, the Landlords, Agents and Tenants can all be from different countries. One of the best features of the i-propertyreport App is the multi-language facility which allows everyone to have a written report in their own language. This is something everyone buys into and not something our competitors can match”

Aolfe Joyce

Liverpool based Inventory clerk

“I have tried other Apps before i-propertyreport but none of them offered me the high standard of report or ease of use I required. I can now produce professional reports much more quickly and in a choice of languages which is a huge bonus”