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We have carried out extensive research and testing of all the below systems and compared them on a like for like basis using: Features / Cost / Time Scale.

We found the majority of pricing structures (except our own), are complicated akin to Utility company pricing policies that baffle the consumer, and many features that should be included in the base price charged as extras like airlines do. This is why i-propertyreport has a simple price plan £1.50 = 1 Report, +100% of the features professional inventory clerks need at no extra cost! “Built By Inventory Clerks For Inventory Clerks”.

Remember as your business grows and you carryout more and more reports at new addresses you will need a system that does not charge you to keep and use old reports.

Example: One App company we tested, their system offered “Unlimited Reports” but ring fenced this by only allowing 1000 addresses per annum, (that would take circa 10 months to use), at a set fee per month plus a small amount for every report above that 1000. Sounded great but…….

What this really means is that once you have carried out reports at 1000 separate addresses, you have to keep paying the monthly fee forever, but cannot carryout out any more reports on new addresses unless you start paying extra on top!!

Its like leasing a car and being only able to drive 1000 miles a year. Once that is used up you can no longer drive the car, not this year, not next year or the years after, but you still have to keep paying the monthly cost, year after year. If you do want to keep driving you then have to pay extra every time you use the car, but that extra cost is not a one off, it gets added on to every single month for ever more making it extremely expensive without bringing in any new income.

One researcher said it would be like going to work on the first day of month and having bill for several hundred pounds but nothing to show for it month in, month out, year in, year out! Thats why our policy of £1.50 = 1 Report is the most economical not just today but every month and year.


* Based on 100 new address reports per month over 3 years
** Institute Of Professional Inventory Clerks Only.
Join From £100 per annum www.ipic.org.uk
  • Means An Extra Charge Will Be Made On Top Of The Cost Of A Report For This Features
  • Means Feature Included In The Cost Of A Report
  • Means Feature Not Available On This App And Or There Will Be An Extra Cost
  • Charge Of This Feature Does Not Occur On This App

Free use of App available to Institute Of Professional Inventory Clerk (IPIC) members only
IPIC Annual Membership from £100 per annum, takes 2 minutes to join.


£1.50* Per Report (No VAT), For Institute Of Professional Inventory Clerk Members Only
£2.50 (No VAT), Per Report Non-IPIC Members

How it works:

a. a. Customers purchase credits at £1.50 each (Members), or £2.50 each (Non-Members)
b. 1 Credit = 1 Report

Minimum Purchase Amounts: Members £15 / Non Members £25.00 - In a single transaction