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Unique and Ground Breaking Features

Multi-Language Tool

  • Produce your detailed property report in any one of our 58+ languages
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  • Convert the report at the touch of a button to the language of your choice
  • Sell multiple reports in different languages to massively increase your turnover and offer a unique service your competitors cannot

Before & After Check Out Report

  • Your report will be displayed in a clear side-by-side comparison showing the ‘Before – Inventory’ and ‘After – Check Out’ details with full descriptions and evidential photos for both
  • This will allow your clients to settle disputes quickly and without delay

Dictionary and Copy Tool

  • By selecting pre-populated editable descriptions, clerks can press one button to copy a description to all similar items making huge time savings
  • No more wasting time re-inputting details of doors, walls, ceilings etc that are the same throughout the property
  • Describe an item once and copy to every similar item in the property, saving time and increasing the number of reports which can be produced each day

i-Document – Report Distribution & Audit Trail

  • Give your business the professional image that Corporate Letting Agents demand
  • Completed reports are automatically stored and distributed with full proof of delivery and read audit trail
  • Clients have access to your secure area to read, download, send and print reports 24/7
  • This unique service puts a stop to Landlords/Tenants claiming they did not receive or read a specific report
  • *i-document.co.uk subscription required




Cost-effective and Flexible

  • Pay as you go
  • No contracts
  • No tie-ins
  • Professional, in-depth and cost effective reports made simple


  • Spend up to 50% less time in producing reports compared to traditional methods
  • Beat your competitors by producing and delivering reports the SAME DAY

Highly Detailed Reports

  • Produce and deliver 70-90 pages for an average 2 bed flat with 250+ HD photographs in half the time it takes to produce the industry standard 30 pages with circa 40 photographs
  • All reports professionally branded to your business
  • Speed and professionalism of delivery is a great selling point for Letting Agents and Landlords

Free Training

  • Our App is simple to use and training is free
  • Stress-free training using Webinars, Videos and our Academy
  • Our Support Line means we are always there to help you
  • We offer complementary training to start ups and established companies in development, marketing and how to build your business


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